Welcome to the homepage of High Temperature Thermochemistry Laboratory for Inorganic Materials.
Our laboratory was established in 2007 and since then we have focused on the thermodynamic/kinetic database development for inorganic materials such as oxides and metals and on kinetic process simulation for high temperature processes. We are also performing key experiments to determine the phase diagrams and thermodynamic/kinetic properties of inorganic materials.

Wong Building

The current major research areas in our group are:
- Development of thermodynamic database for steelmaking process
- Development of kinetic model for steelmaking process simulation
- Development of thermodynamic database and kinetic microstructural model
   for light alloys
- Recycling process for waste materials

Our research has been sponsored by many industries around the world. We are also collaborating with many research groups in the world to apply the thermodynamic/kinetic databases for materials development and process design.

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